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Hi All. I'm Claire im 36 and a mother of 5 children.

Ive been big/overweight since 7yrs old, been dragged back and forth to doctors /specialists/dieticians/counsellors most of my teenage years, as my parents and family was very worried. I had tests for all sorts even when they said everything was fine I continued to be tested.
Last July at my heaviest I was 27st 12lbs, and because of recent health worries, Id broke my back in two places, and then my Ankle broke only for it to fix and then re brake, also causing tendon damage in my ankles. Id suffered countless trapped nerves in my neck and shoulder, and decided although fit & active I had, had enough. I went to my doctors and asked to be put forward for a gastric bypass.
I love food, plain and so very simple all the foods that was wrong for me I loved. I have been to all the slimming clubs, and been successful for a short time before then missing the food a craved. Putting the weight back on plus more. I have always worked, my job at the time was working 14 hr shifts. 
I'm now 10 weeks out of surgery, I have lost 34%of my Excess weight (5stone) and although me and food still have a on going love hate relationship I am the one in control now. 
 I don't for one minute think I took a easy way out, I feel that the most tragic addiction has to be a food addiction. We need to eat to stay alive fact, if we under eat or over eat we then have a problem. 
 Well I hope you will enjoy how I get on with this journey.
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Well it's been a while, we got back from Spain after spending 10 days in Calella. The holiday as always was great, my daughter turned 6 while we was in Spain but as she has Juvenile Arthritis the heat does her the world of good. This time it in Spain we indulged in visiting the water parks, this is something that before losing weight I would of gone along to but only to watch but this time you name it I went on it. 

Being big I never let things stand in my way kids want to go swimming I'd go, only thing I did draw a line at was ice skating. This time though I could go on the slides in the wave pool, and walked around in my new swimsuit without a care in the world. 

I also always looked forward to the all inclusive part of the holiday and worried that I'd feel slightly left out on holiday, but I found myself enjoying the all inclusive more than before, fact is all my tastes have changed so it was nice to enjoy other food even though I only ate very little amounts. Highlight of the holiday was sitting comfortable in the plastic chairs with armrests that was round the pool or even daring to sit on the sun loungers, espically on the beach without them sinking lol and I went on 3 speed boats and a jet ski. I'd never of imagined myself on a jet ski but there I was. 

Downside not everyone is pleased for me people you'd think that would and should be please for me aren't, there's been things said and in the end I had to either hang on to the negative and let it drive me mad or let it go and try just get on, so I let it go. 

I went to Spain 18st 9 lbs. Came home 18st 3 lbs I'm now 17 stone 6lbs. 

Another downside is clothes I can't stay in cloths long enough at first thought it was ace having to go shopping all the time but now with planning to get married I'm trying my best to save and it seems my money is going on clothes. I'm sure I will get there.

Cold is another thing I feel like never ever before, I'm constantly freezing, I get a shower or soak in Bath just to warm up, then put my thinkest pjs on.

I always get asked would I recommend having a bypass, but the simple fact is it isn't for everyone. We are all different we are all unique, so far this is working for me but I'm still attending the local gym 3-4 times a week as well as swimming. I have loose skin, I'm trying my best to firm it up but I don't think it will ever firm up properly without added help, so unless I win the lotto the loose skin will stay with me.

The thing is are we ever really happy with what we have or achieve body wise?? I can remember saying if I have this op I will be happy and thinking back on this I am happy, my second chance of life came from this op, I can soon start back horse riding I can go jump on the trampoline with the kids, I can run, I decorated my hallway on my own and stood on a chair to reach the ceiling being 28st I could not do that. My confidence has grown, the operation not only saved my life but changed my life for the best but that is my opinion. So I am happy with the outcome plus pull in underwear is amazing. 

I got asked by another person that had a bypass if I looked back at pictures of myself before the op and felt ashamed? I don't, I have always loved myself I look back at them pictures and think here you go girl you made it through now let's live this new life to the max.

Food wise I'm still eatting very little and often, today's been a long day, been watching my son play Rugby this morning, and it's all bacon sarnies ect and I just can't stomach the thought of bacon so had to drink water till I got home, being the first game of the season I was not prepared properly as would normally take a flask or some fruit. I'm 7 mths out and it's still hit and miss with food i still have to keep trying things that didn't agree with me in hope that they will now. It's also a case of what settled last week won't necessarily settle again at minute maybe once a week I'm unfortunate that I bring my food back. So I'm always trying new things. I'm craving peppers and onions at minute and cheese, it's crazy. I'm cooking more meals from scratch also just so I can see what goes into it not just for my sake but for the sake of my kids, it's been a real eye opener. 

Well I'm hoping not to have such a long absence from updating the blog, things just get hectic with 5 kids and 3 dogs. Lol 

First pic is of me in 2013 in Calella at my heaviest 2nd pic is from this August in Calella and third is 2015. The lowest weight I had been in 20 yrs.

Never ever thought I'd seen this day and by God I'm never ever going back to being that big, but ultimately I feel you need to love yourself and appreciate the people around you to truly feel happy with yourself. 

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